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Join the Crofter Market movement! Shop local, support independent producers, and liberate your food from the rigged, globalized supply chain.

Protect Our Food Supply

Our globalized food supply chain drives up food costs and puts us all at risk. Shop local with Crofter to help independent ranchers and growers build a thriving, sustainable alternative.

Every year, we become more and more dependent on other countries to feed our population. Help save our industry so we can ensure local production, local jobs, and sustainable food chains.
Carson Jorgensen, Sixth Generation Rancher, Former Utah GOP Chair

Conflict, COVID-19, climate extremes, and the soaring costs of food, fuel, and fertilizer [are] bringing millions closer to the brink of starvation. But history shows that time and time again, American farmers have been leaders, and shapers of global food security.

David Beasley, Former UN World Food Chief
Without sustainable agriculture, we cannot have an orchestra, church, university, government, army, city, or any business. And the only economy that can sustain any city ultimately has to be based on food. No business or economy is sustainable until agriculture is and neither is any city.
Allan Savory, Savory Institute

Independent producers use the app to market and sell their own inventory.

Customers discover and buy food directly from local producers.

Easy + Secure, From Their Farm to Your Fork

Easy + Secure, From Their Farm to Your Fork

Independent producers use the app to market and sell their own inventory.

Customers discover and buy food directly from local producers.

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High-Stakes Issues

Learn more about what’s at stake, and how you can be a part of the solution.

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Solving Our Food Crisis

The current monopolized food supply chain has created a massive threat against our lives, our liberty, and our economic security. In a recent Utah Eagle Forum address, Crofter Market Founder Bobby Clayson details how we're banding together with others to fight back.

Meating in the Middle: Crofter Market to connect ranchers, consumers

“The business platform we are building will connect producers and consumers – we aren’t a reseller, we don’t set prices. We just facilitate technology to bring two sides together. Products won’t be limited to just meat; anything that is legal to sell directly to consumers in the state will be allowed. Any grower can create an account, set their prices, and facilitate pickup, delivery or shipping,” says Clayson. “We are focusing on ranchers first because we feel like they are struggling the most at this point, but any kind of produce is allowed.”

The new Yorker

Is it time to break up big ag?

Renewed attention to antitrust has been focussed on Big Tech, but concentration in agriculture may be an underlying source of rural America’s pro-Trump political backlash. “The agricultural industry is different than other industries because Capper-Volstead allows them to combine in ways that other individuals would go to jail for,” Allee A. Ramadhan, a former Justice Department antitrust attorney who led an investigation into the dairy industry, told me.

'They're Trying to Wipe Us Off the Map.' Small American Farmers nearing extinction

Suicides in farm communities are happening with alarming frequency. Farmers aren’t the only workers in the American economy being displaced by technology, but when they lose their jobs, they’re also ejected from their homes and the land that’s been in their family for generations. “It hits you so hard when you feel like you’re the one who is losing the legacy that your great-grandparents started,” said Randy Roecker, a Wisconsin dairy farmer who has struggled with depression and whose neighbor Leon Statz committed suicide last year after financial struggles forced him to sell his 50 dairy cows.
Deseret News

Sen. Mike Lee urges DOJ investigation into acquisition of lamb processing plant

Alarmed over the impact to the domestic food supply, Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee and 11 other members of Congress sent a letter to Justice Department Antitrust Division Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim, asking him to immediately open an investigation into the acquisition of a Colorado lamb processing facility.

“It is our understanding that JBS intends to permanently destroy all of the lamb processing equipment as soon as this week,” Senator Lee writes.